sendmail/fetchmail problem

sendmail/fetchmail problem

Post by Dean Bisseke » Thu, 10 Jan 2002 02:20:54

I've set up an email server and then somehow broken it *g*.

Problem 1.
fetchmail tells me there are 5 messages at my isp, then tells me that there

not resolve. Then it doesn't flush the mail, nor download it for me to read.
This bit was working but I think I changed something and it stopped.

Problem 2.
I'm trying to use multi-drop. user 'myispuser' is '*' here. Can't quite get
it right. All external mail goes to root (postmaster I guess). The problem
seems to be related to the host/domain name. If I send mail locally to

Any help with either problem would be usuall I thinkI'm
about 90% there and it's *y annoying *g*.

Dean Bisseker
Pontefract, England


1. sendmail + fetchmail problem

Is probably trying to authenticate the sender with a reverse-lookup
and failing at it, you could reconfigure your sendmail to avoid
authentication (but this will increase the amount of spam probably).

You don't. If fetchmail delete the message on the external server and
then (for any reason) he can't send the mail to the internal one your
mail is lost.


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