RedHat 6.2 and 6.2 doesnt get acces to..

RedHat 6.2 and 6.2 doesnt get acces to..

Post by javewol » Mon, 02 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Cant get my LAN online.
My prior pc with RedHat 6.2 is online but the second one will not.
Doesnt even respons to the first pc.
What the hel do i do wrong?????



1. RedHat 6.2 and Kernel 6.2 on an SMP machine


I am a Linux newbie, so please bear with me.
I have a DELL 610 with 2 Intel Processors.
I have RedHat 6.2 installed and want to upgrade
to the latest kernel. How can I do this? Anyone
have pointers to resources for accomplishing this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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