LTC E-NET/16 net card

LTC E-NET/16 net card

Post by Bert McMuf » Sun, 21 Mar 1999 04:00:00


In section 1.8.7 of the linux faq, it says "The following [network card]
clones are reported to work [with linux]:" and lists "LTC E-NET/16 P/N
8300-200-002" as one of those cards.  Does anybody know anything about
this card? I have been unsuccessful in finding any information about it
on the internet, and have not even figured out what LTC is an acronym
for. Can anybody give me some valuable insight on this?



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        I was wondering if anybody has tried to use the American
Megatrends SCSI-II/Ethernet combo card for VESA under Linux?  If so, please
let me know how it worked.



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