Zilog 85C30 in LOOP MODE SDLC

Zilog 85C30 in LOOP MODE SDLC

Post by Jerome Whel » Mon, 07 Apr 1997 05:00:00

Gentlemen - I could really use some help programming
a ZILOG Z8530 serial comm controller chip....

I am running SDLC loop mode as a slave station
and have captured a poll by setting GAOP bit.
When I transmit a response all is well, loop
communications remains normal.

Occasionally I find I have nothing to transmit
and must pass the poll without activating my
transmitter. Have cleared GAOP bit but chip
transmitter seems to remain active and the
chip no longer repeats received data with a
one bit delay....

Any ideas on how to deactivate transmitter
when a poll has been captured in loop mode
without actually making a transmission?



1. Zilog 85C30 Setup


I am new to this group, so if this is either a common question, or the wrong
group, or....... sorry.

I am having trouble getting a Zilog 85C30 configured to run in HDLC mode. I
am wondering if anybody knows where I can find an example of how to get this

Thanks in advance


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