An apology-Netiquette about Network Professionals Resource Center

An apology-Netiquette about Network Professionals Resource Center

Post by Webmaste » Mon, 09 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Public apology---Networking Professionals Resource Center

I created the web site <> to be a single point of
contact for hundreds of other web sites, so that Network Professionals just
had to start at one place, rather than trying to sort through the various
search engines.  

In my e*ment, I carefully selected newsgroups that I felt would benefit
from the resources the site had to offer, and put a brief post, with
effectively just the name and URL.

I failed to consider that you get hit with commercial ads every day, with
"make quick money" and all that stuff, just as I do, and received a few
flames, on general principle, because I cross-posted.

One of the people that checked out my site left me a message telling me
that, from my post, he thought I was a recruiter or some other person
trying to separate him from his money with some scam or another, but
checked it out anyway and was pleasantly surprised at what the site was
really all about.

 It got me thinking how most of you must have interpreted my post as some
ad or something, and were
just protecting their newsgroup from the garbage that seems to reside in
the rest of usenet.

Please accept my apology for my prior cross-posting...

Robert Slovick