A little help please re: VPN client

A little help please re: VPN client

Post by dermotm.. » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm currently using win98 and SecureClient to connect over the internet
via a firewall to an AS400. I would like to move to Linux.

I'm also running Linux Mandrake 7.0 with kernel 2.2.16. I've happily
got my PCMCIA psion datcom ethernet/56k modem card dialing to the
internet. All OK.

I understand Freeswan with IKE and IPSec can talk to the firewall. I've
downloaded the source, compilled and installed FreeSWAN 1.5.

I know my current setup (win98) traps all traffic to particular ip
addressed and routes them via the VPN to the firewall.

As a network newbie can anybody offer advise or links that would help
me achieve this setup  or in general ?

I've read the documentation but I cant say I understand it fully.

I think my problem is that FreeSWAN is looking for interfaces at boot
time (via rc.d scripts ?) and my PPP connection is not there.

Secondly I'm getting dynamic IP addresses with my dialup, how should
this be configured.

Most of the examples I've seen show connections over a LAN/WAN how
different is dialup IP ?

I realise I've a lot to learn/understand to get this setup, but I'm
keen and any help would be benificial.


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