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I have some problems setting my ISDN line up.I use SuSE Linux 6.4 and
tried to use YaST2, but it asked for Local IP and Remote IP even when I
checked the box for Dynamic IP adresses.What should I fill in there

Then I tried to get it rigth my self and got the ISDN card(Teles2 PCI)
working with the HiSax module, but I am not entierly shure how it is
done from there. It looks like geting to short on how to use the
isdnctrl and how to get the ISDN card call up my ISP.Could someone give
me some examples or clues on some script to get this working. I hope to
end up with a call-on-demand ISDN router that uses linux. When I get the
line up I can the rest of the stuff.

Please help me!

Even Larsen


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