AnalogX Proxy / Loopback Error

AnalogX Proxy / Loopback Error

Post by G » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 09:05:56

I'm attempting to connect a redhat box to the Internet through a Win32
system using AnalogX's Proxy server.  I know, I know, get a better
proxy, but it's a long story as to what's led me to this choice of
software.  Anyway, I have everything configured correctly, and
everything works fine when connecting a windows machine through the
proxy, but when I try to run my linux box through it, I can use every
protocal without a problem, except HTTP or HTTPS.  When I try to use a
browser, configured for the proxy settings, I get an error that says,
"Does not support Loopack URL"

Can anyone tell me what this little proxy is having a problem with
from my redhat box?

thanks for any and all suggestions


1. Analogx (port 6588) probes - lots of 'em

Anyone else seeing this?

Over the last day or so I've seen a wave of probes to port 6588. The
probes seem to come in triplets, with a 3 second, and then a 6 second
pause between the probes. Here's an example:

 01:18:22 INPUT IN=eth2  SRC=
 01:18:25 INPUT IN=eth2  SRC=
 01:18:31 INPUT IN=eth2  SRC=

A 13 hour period yesterday yielded:

   638 probes to port 6588
   139 unique host ip's.
      the most active ip's:
  (39) (24) (24) (18) (15)

At peak, late last night, I was averaging upwards of 2 per minute, but it
seems to have tapered off to about a quarter of that now. Most of the
attackers (that have rDNS information) seem to have dsl/ppp/dialup-pool
names, suggesting trojaned machines without firewalls on broadband
connections. Nmap showed some with obvious trojan infestations, but
others appeared clean, in terms of open ports.

Any idea what this is? A spammer frantically scanning for open proxies to
spam through (but why the overkill)? Or perhaps a rather ineffectual dDOS
attempt or practice run?


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