Unable to connect to some host, while other box does

Unable to connect to some host, while other box does

Post by Andrè Vellor » Sat, 23 Mar 2002 04:41:16

Hi all,
I'm migrating to Linux from Windows completely... I almost done all.

Anyway, I set up my Slackware to route local ethernet to ppp0.

The problem is:

Some Web Sites does not work for my box, even by telnet on port 80, or
connecting to by VNC, obviusly pop and smtp for those hosts doesn't work
as well.
Strangly, If I connect a Windows Box to my local eth0, Windows is able
to connect!!!

Best of all, some people who use linux can still connect, while I can't.

The only thing I noticed sniffing the net is that Linux use high number
port to receive (>30000) while WinBox use low <2000 ...

can this affect my connection?

Thanks a lot,
Andr Vellori


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I'm an OS/2 specialist who is new to Linux, so please bare with me.

I've built a Linux box with an ethernet card.  I now want to attach a  
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there are DOS requesters for the OS, that attach and allow you to log  
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login prompt, I can then ftp, telnet, lynx, etc. from the DOS box. I've been  
looking for FAQ's but none help.  

Can you point me in the right direction?  

Please reply via e-mail

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