XNS for Linux?

XNS for Linux?

Post by Sandip Srivasta » Mon, 16 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know if there is XNS for Linux.  We have a VAX machine in the
office and it runs the XNS protocol.  We haven't gotten TCP/IP for it
since it is costly and the machine will be retired in about a year.  I
would like my Linux box to be able to talk to this machine, but the only
problems is that it only runs the XNS protocol.


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1. linux + XNS

I ve just recently obtained a SCICON terminal server...
its a querky little box that allows up to 8 dumb terminal to sit on

I was hoping the thing had a rom..

It seems to be kicking out XNS packets on to the LAN..

Anyone got any clue on getting XNS for linux so i can start to debug
the beast---
or even better how i can set it up ......


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