Dialup slip/ppp-server with multiple lines

Dialup slip/ppp-server with multiple lines

Post by Marko Sakari Asplu » Tue, 04 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I'm planning on setting up a dialup slip/ppp-server under Linux. This
server should be able to serve as many clients as possible. I would be
very interested in hearing other peoples experiences on this kind of
thing. How many lines (V.34) can a dedicated 486/pentium slip/ppp-server
handle without becoming a bottleneck? What would be the best choice to
connect the lines to the machine? - a multiport serial board? - somekind
of terminal server? - other?



1. PPP/SLIP dialup server?


I'm looking for software for a Linux box that will handle a dial-up
connection with the Internet in the following way:

The box will be on the network, with a network card, and also have
a modem that can be used to call an Internet service provider. I want
the server to be configured as a TCP/IP router in the following way:

Whenever it detects that someone is trying to make a connection to the
"outside world", it calls up the Internet service provider and attaches
via PPP or SLIP. After that, local users on the network can access
the Internet. If there is no IP activity for a configurable amount of
time, say 10 minutes, the server disconnects from the service
provider. This way one common modem can be shared among the network
while still using a relatively cheap dialup connection.

Of course there will be bandwidth problems if several users start
downloading lots of data at 28880 bps, but considering the amount
of Internet traffic at our site I don't think this will be a major

Anyway, is there any such beast out there?

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