viewing '98 shares from linux

viewing '98 shares from linux

Post by Lloyd Kee » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi could someone advise what is the best way to access win98 shares from a
RH5.2 linux machine. I think I have to use smbmount or NFS but is their a
graphical browser type of interface that can be implemented under X?

1. how to create 98 boot image in linux thro' 98 backup

 I am having redhat linux 6.2 and having win 98 SE backup in my hard
disk. Now the problem is i want to create the boot floppy for win 98
which i can do only in linux . I know that i can't use the win 98
command the only thing i can do is that i can use "dd"
 for using dd i need the boot image of win 98. Is there any boot image
availabe in win 98 SE CDROM . Please help me to
"create 98 SE boot floppy from linux ".Please do n't say me to copy
the image from other boot disk . Use all the above constraints to help

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