IBM GLobal Network.

IBM GLobal Network.

Post by C.W. Kidd » Thu, 17 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know the "trick" for signing
on to the IBM Global Network (ISP) using
SLIP?  My DIP script is setup properly
and I can ping myself and telenet myself,
and once connected to my ISP, I can run
ifconfig and it indicates all is well,
but when I ping the ISP, nothing comes
back.  I start DIP using -v and all
appears to be working correctly, i.e,
it appears I'm correctly signed on.  
Also interested in using PPP to
sign on to the same ISP.  Using
PPP the modems connect, but I
cannot sign on.  Any help greatly
Thank you very much.


1. connecting IBM global network with pppd-2.3


I am trying to connect to my ISP with pppd-2.3.
With pppd-2.2 I had no problems.
I used the scripts given by IBM on the internet and everything worked
I am trying to configure pppd-2.3 with the same scripts for days now but
no success so far. My modem is hanging up after the connection. Have no
idea why.
After a few sleepless nights I am about to give up.

Please Help??????

Greetings Martijn

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