Lan <-> PPP <-> INTERNET

Lan <-> PPP <-> INTERNET

Post by Bryan S. Bla » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

        Hello there :).  I'm hoping someone can help me out a little
bit.  I have three Linux machines at home, two on a local ethernet, and
one with PPP.  I have two concerns right now...

        1:  Getting machine #2 out over the net without telnetting in to
the main machine.  I've looked in to IP_Masquerading, and while it looks
fun, I'm using 1.3.25 on all machines, and also have control of the IP
block where the PPP is served from - I.E.  If I want my machine to be, and have another machine I want to be, that's okay.  IP
Masquerading seems to be needed when only one IP is availible, if I am  

        2:  Attaching my laptop to a machine via SLIP or PPP.  I read the
Net-2-Howto and set up a permanent SLIP, but didn't have any luck :(.  
Heck, it should be easier to attatch two machines with a serial cable
than over a phone line :).

        Thanks in advance, and for your time...Thanks :)

-- Bryan
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It's so frustrating!

I won't go into great detail because it seems to be a general problem:

I have a LAN, connected via a LINUX gateway with the internet (provider).
The provider connection is with PPP. The provider gave me a static adress
on his net, I have a (real) class C net running. My net is routed on
my provider IP.
The local net is working fine - no problem. The gateway is working fine to
the outside world - I can ping, telnet ...

1) I cannot reach the outside world from any other host on the local net. It
   all ends with 'no answer'. (I have set a default route to the gatway and
   the gateway has a default route to my provider ...). As a surprise, I can
   ping all hosts on the provider net and a few other hosts 192.x.y.z.

2) I can ping myself (only the gateway with provider IP) from outside, but
   not via my class C IP (gateway or other hosts).

This all seems to be a routing problem of course. I have no proxyarp (should
I ???). The provider told me it's because of LINUX and PPP and offered me
a slip account. This all smells like a sort of unknown firewalling.

This stuff makes me lost my nerves and I'm really in a hurry. If anybody
knows about routing problems like this - please PLEASE help me!

Thanks a lot, Walter.  

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