Ipchains, SBCGlobal DSL and Linux Router, please help

Ipchains, SBCGlobal DSL and Linux Router, please help

Post by The Peoples Foo » Thu, 07 Feb 2002 06:43:19

i have a RH7.2 box connecting to sbcglobal.net. Im using pppoe 2.0 to
i configured the a basic firewall/router script and was able to connect to
the internet with client machines.
for some reason, the client machines cant connect to certain
websites...especially the secure ones like online banking.
i tried to add a line to the chain alowing udp and tcp on port 443...that
didnt work, still able to get email and browse most of the web.
then i flushed all the rules and only set in place the masquerade chain.
same thing...cant connect to secure sites (or so it seems)

any ideas? thx.


1. IPCHAIN headache with DSL -- PLEASE HELP

Hello folks,

I had been using Linux and IPCHAINS to share Internet connection on my
DSL modem. It was working like a champ, until about a week ago. Now, I
can ping only within my own subnet but not anywhere else on the 'net.

BUT if I connect the modem DIRECTLY to a Win 98 box, it works perfectly.
When I called tech support, they said that they do not support Linux.

My question is: CAN ROUTERS FILTER BASED ON OS? Can you have access
lists for Linux only? A similar setup with the same service provider (on
a different subet though) works just fine. PLEASE HELP...

Thanks and have a great day,


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