Multiple IPs on eth0 for Virtual Web Server

Multiple IPs on eth0 for Virtual Web Server

Post by Dirk Huesk » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

>I would like to know how to set up Linux to have multiple IP addresses.  I
>would like to get Virtual web servers working, and I need multiple IP
>addresses on my Linux box.

There is a HOWTO on your problem. It's the Virual-Services-HOWTO. Also
check the IP-Aliasing-mini-HOWTO.


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1. firewall on a virtual web server with multiple IPs

        Hi. What I did , to make things easier was :  Install RedHat with
the packet filter ( or firewall options ),
then I made I private network ( let's say a )
between the firewall
and the router ( I don't know if this is your case ). Put your router as
default gateway for your firewall,
put your firewall as default router for your web server.

      Now what you must consider that it does not matter how many ips you
will have inside , the most
delicate part is wich tcp or udp ports you will allow people to see from
outside. For example
web servers and ssl-enabled webservers work at ports 80 and 443, dns at port
53 (udp). So you can ( initialy )
open these ports for your whole net. You must install a dns cache for your
machines. The firewall
rule will looks like.

     Outside                                 |             Inside
       any ip: any port             --------------->  any ip: port 80(tcp)
      any ip: any port             --------------->  any ip: port 443(tcp)
      any ip: any port           ------------------> your dns server ip :
port 53(udp)
       any ip port 53 (udp/tdp)   <--------  your dns cache:any port
                     block anything else

      You must search for something like "ip tables tutorial"   on
it will be difficult at first try of course.

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