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Post by curio » Thu, 25 Mar 2004 12:34:26

> Hi,

> Due to some personal issues, I couldn't pursue what I was planning to
> do w.r.t installing Linux.  Here ii the link where some people have
> answered me.

> Someone (from who was helping me with SyGate firewall
> installation has suggested me to get an old pc (get 500MZ with fast
> modern 7200 rpm HD) to install Linux (as I wanted to have access to
> learn linux) instead of putting another HD in my current Dell PC. So i
> have decided to get a separate box for linux.  And...

> I am wondering this: since I have not done anything like this before,
> should I just get a simple system good enough to install Linux .. for
> now ..and get a better system later when I want to put Oracle and
> stuff. (I have an extra monitor already. )

> (1) That way, it wouldn't cost me too much while getting experience -
> experiecne including purchasing an old system and installing Linux.
> Later, when I have more experience, get a much better system (with
> Oracle installation in mind and other things to install OR

> (2) just put linux in another drive of my current XP box.  In fact, I
> could get a much bigger HD for another drive, transfer my XP to that,
> and use current 40GB drive for Linux (and also put another 256 memory)
>  since sooner or later, I would want to upgrade my current system. Of
> course, I will only put Linux in the same current box down the road if
> I feel comfortable managing the work....with the main reason being
> space....but all that's for later..

> BTW, I am taking suggestion to install Linux so that it boots to
> command line (shell);  I am not sure that I should even bother to
> install X at this point, that is if I install Red Hat .. though I
> prefer to install Mandrake.  Any suggestion on which distro I should
> install at this point as a novice? I heard (read) that with mandrake,
> configuring to get Inetrnet connection is easy - note my ISp "comcast"
> doesn't do teac support on Linix. I don't mind buying a distro sot hat
> i will have evrything I need for isntalltion. I can consider it
> donation..

> Note that... I plan to get a router firewall very soon.  Any
> suggestion which brand or model should I get? I jsut read about
> LINKSYS probelm and so I am thinking to go with NETGEAR but which
> model? I need a good and yet simple one ....

> Oh..I saw a system with *LINDOWS*  at Fry's for $199.99 on sale.
> Brand name "Great Quality"; AMD Athlon 1400, 128 MB, 40 GB, 52xCD-Rom,
> 56K Modem/V.90W / Fax Capacity, 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet.  I am not
> keen on geting unknown brand for that money though this is sale price;
> I am not keen on LINDOWS either..

> Anyway, forgetting about option (2) above for now,

> (i) should I get the most simple one just to play with installing
> Linux and learniggn Linux

>  OR

> (ii) should I get get a decent system with which I can play installing
> Linux but later will be able to put the things (Oracle, etc.) that I
> want to put. What speed, etc. should I get and how much would it cost
> for option (ii)?

> Thanks...for helping me decide.....

> Also, any tips on where to look  for things (hardware) would be
> appreciated.

I messed up in giving thread title.