Linux -> Win95 PPP: software compression?

Linux -> Win95 PPP: software compression?

Post by Thomas R. Shanno » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to dial into a Win95 box at work.  The box is setup for
Win95/WinNT PPP but is not setup to accept TCPIP.  It is strictly for
access the Microsoft network (which I assume I can do with samba once I
get going).

The connection appears to be using PAP (I don't get text upon
connection).  It doesn't appear to care what username you use but
requires the correct password (which I have entered as the secret in the
setup dialog).  It's also setup to use "software compression".  I can
make this connection when booted into WinNT 4 so I know the modems are
OK and things work on the server end.

I've tried using the deflate and bsdcomp options (15,15) but no luck.
Connection drops about 5 sec after dialing in.  I've also tried the noip
option and I'm currently including the ipx option.  When dialing in from
WinNT, the server end accepts IPX protocol.

My feeling is that I'm missing a major PPP option that's probably
commonly needed for dialing into Win95 but which I haven't thought to
try.  Any suggestions.



1. Win95/IPX -> IP ->PPP ->Linux ->Novell 3.12

Has anyone tried/been able to get working using Win95 to dialup a PPP
connection (ie: on a Linux box) and pass IPX packets encapsulated within IP?

Novell has IPTUNNEL which can be loaded on their server that allows for
encapsulation/decapsulation of IPX packets for transfering over an IP network.
However, can Win95 do the same thing?

The goal is to connect a remote Win95 system via dialup to a Novell network.
The modems reside on a Linux box also on the network running TCP/IP.  Dialup
SLIP/PPP work fine to the TCP/IP nodes on the network, but I want file sharing
with the Novell system.


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