Token-Ring support?

Token-Ring support?

Post by Farzad Far » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 19:49:27

: Is there any support available for Linux for token ring networks?  I've
: got an IBM Token Ring II card.

: If such support exists, where can I find it?  Help!

The official site is :

I've got a modified version of this patch for kernels 1.1.73 and upper
on my machine.
It runs flawlessly on a bunch of machines here since a few weeks.
My machine is not always on, so don't give up :)


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1. Wanted, precompiled nettools with token-ring support

I tried to get token-ring support for my PC.  My linux was installed
from an old CD with kernel version 1.1.59.  I downloaded newer kernel
version (1.3.8) and compile it sucessfully with token-ring support.
Now my kernel can open the adapter but I still need nettools with
token-ring patch.

I download nettools and its patch and tried to compile it.  It cannot
find gencat command.  Someone told me that it is included in new
libc.  I changed all my gcc and lib to newest version I could find
and change it to ELF format.  But there is no trace of gencat.

I am now tired of downloading and compiling things.  Is there anyone
already has precompiled nettools with token-ring support?  Please
tell me where can I get it.  Or is there any CD with token-ring
support included?


Apisit Saksomboon
Bangkok, Thailand.

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