PPP seems to connect, but nslookup, netstat -r hang

PPP seems to connect, but nslookup, netstat -r hang

Post by David Thompso » Tue, 09 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I am running Linux 2.0 with PPP 2.2.0f. I have an ISP who
uses iijppp (on FreeBSD) to supply dynamic IP addresses. I have
managed to get chat to dial up and pppd to connect and receive my
new IP address, but the ip-up script never finishes running. When
I do a ps -ax, I can see that the nslookup call to find the new
hostname for the IP address never completes. Running ifconfig shows
that ppp0 is up and running, but "netstat -r" just hangs, as does
any nslookup. I cannot even ping the machine at the other end of
the line (whose IP address I get from /var/log/messages).

        I have checked and I _am_ using the defaultroute option
with pppd. I can even do a "more /proc/net/route" and see a routing
table with the ppp0 interface (which is odd since running /sbin/route
hangs), but nothing seems to work! Does anyone know what this problem

                Thanks in advance,
                David Thompson


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When activated, the (28.8) modem dials out and makes a connection. I can see
the ppp0 device in ifconfig, and I can ping the address assigned by the ISP.
The assigned address looks good (the first two octets match the ISP).
No default route exists, before or after the connection, even though the
config says to set default on the ppp connect. netstat -r hangs. I tried
setting the default route manually, but nothing changes even though the
route command doesn't return an error.

My goal is to do dial-on-demand and masq, but first I need to get a
Any ideas? Anybody seen a good doc for this for 5.2?

Thank you,



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