HELP - Network works in DOS but not in Linux

HELP - Network works in DOS but not in Linux

Post by Ken Kobayas » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00


   I need some advice on getting my Linux box back up.

   Here's the situation; my Linux system has been running fine, including
the network connection, for a while.  Then one time I recompiled the
kernel to add SCSI support, and all of a sudden I get the
"SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable" error message at bootup.  I didn't
change any settings except for the kernel options, and I'm pretty sure I
got those right - it's not the first time I've recompiled the kernel.
(but I'm no expert either, I could be wrong...) I got impatient enough to
do a clean re-installation of Linux, using Slackware 3.0.  (which I'd
been wanting to do anyway, the system was getting too cluttered)  
Network connection still didn't work.  I tried installing Linux (same
distribution) on the other computer I have, and the network connection
worked just fine by just running 'netconfig'. The two computers share an
ethernet jack using a splitter.  They both have the 3Com 509 network
card, TP version.  When I boot up DOS from a floppy, the network works just
fine. Any ideas on what might be wrong?  I'd appreciate any advice.

- Ken

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