? Control NIC's bandwidth-usage thru LINUX??

? Control NIC's bandwidth-usage thru LINUX??

Post by nxf588 » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi there!
Network Interface Cards , preferrably ARCNet (or Ethernet), operate over
some frequency range for LAN/network communications.

But i want to control that part, using code developed over Linux.

So Now comes the real strength test for LINUX: (this _could_ be the Ultimate)
1. How can I tell the card to pick-up an in-coming signal, using a specific
   frequency bandwidth only. Of course, my code tells what bandwidth to use.

2. How can I program the card to send an out-going signal, at another
   specific bandwidth, _without_ doing anything to any data on the remaining
   frequency ranges. (sounds like a case of modulating channels, hopefully
   the card will do the modulation stuff, i simply feed it the new
   out-going signal, and tell it to modulate this new signal at this given
   frequency, and modulate it with the remaining existing channels.
   PS: am i making any sense here?!).

Any ideas, suggestions, pointers on the above are most welcome, even if
its just one answer!

Thanks for reading,