Can PING but can't TELNET

Can PING but can't TELNET

Post by John Ridl » Mon, 23 Oct 1995 04:00:00

OK, never mind.  Got the problem solved, thanks to an email response.  Had
CSLIP specified in the script, and my provider is only SLIP.  

1. Canned "ping"

    Within a ksh script, I would like to first determine whether or not
a remote
host is alive before I attempt other network access to it, (file reads
or writes).
The ping command seems to be the logical solution, but if I have to wait
the ping command to fail due to network time-out to indicate that the
host is not available I've gained nothing over just letting my other
access commands time-out.

    Is there a way to execute ping wrapped in a timer - such as in a
that gets killed by it's parent if it doesn't end within a practical
time interval?
It seems to me that that should work, but what I'm really looking for is

someone who would share code that has already been written.

    Much appreciated.

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