PPP error when only su to root; OK if logged in as root

PPP error when only su to root; OK if logged in as root

Post by Jose Antonio C. Baduria, Jr » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Good Afternoon!!

    I had encountered a strange problem when running ppp. Logging in as
root and
running ppp-on is OK. However, when I logged in as another user but su
to root,
ppp-on does not work. There is connect script error. I have Redhat Linux
Does anyone know why this happens?



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I'm trying to set up my linux firewall box. I first got it running with
tcp/ip networking. I then added some packages by putting in my linux
mandrake 6.1 boot disk and selecting upgrade (its a lot easier to
satisfy dependencies). The next time I rebooted, I could not log in as
root. It would simply say "login incorrect." I can log in as my normal
user account, then su root. But I can't log into root directly. This
only happened since I used the bootdisk to upgrade the packages.

Can someone please help, I'm very frustrated. Thanks.

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