ISDN PPP connection

ISDN PPP connection

Post by NiK » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi all!
I want to know how to setup an ISDN card to people can dial in to my linux box.

So which is the best card to install?? and what things must i change in my
mgetty config files to do it??



1. Slooow ISDN PPP connection under Linux

When I dial up under Linux with my USRobotics Sportster ISDN TA ext. (what a
name!), the modem LEDs flash every five seconds or so.
It literally looks like the system deliberately sleeps after every package it
receives :(

Can anyone tell me what's going on there? Has it got something to do with MRU
and MTU? It's definitely nothing that's related to IRQ priority stuff, since the
connection is that slow without anything else going on.

Is it related to the messages about not being able to find module "broadcast"
I've got with all my kernels from 2.0.33 up to 2.0.35?


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