JOBS: IP Switching Guru needed - Boulder, CO

JOBS: IP Switching Guru needed - Boulder, CO

Post by David Thielen (not real e-mail ad » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00


We're a small startup in Boulder Colorado. We are a systems company
that designs chips and writes the software to use the chips. You can
find out more at

We have a group of software and hardware people that is the best I
have seen anywhere (including the groups I worked in at Microsoft). A
lot of people say this but we truly do provide an environment where
you can work with the very best (and without the ego wars you many
times find with groups this good).

We pay very well, provide stock options that have already increased in
value substantially, provide each person with their own office, and
have free soda pop, parties, etc.

Boulder is best described as 10 square miles surrounded by reality. Or
as another programmer here put it, if the Computer Game Developers
Conference was held in Boulder, they would appear normal. It's one of
the most cosmopolitian cities in the country and yet is only 100,000

We specifically need someone who knows IP switching inside out. We'ld
also like to find someone up to speed on multi-casting, guaranteed
bandwidth, and all the other neat things coming down the IP stream.

We also generally need as many smart programmers as we can find. So
even if you don't fit the above experience, if you know C++ and either
Windows or X-Windows real well, we'ld like to talk to you too.

We do set an incredibly high standard for the people we hire. You need
to be in the top 5% in terms of smarts and ability, regardless of
experience. You also need to be self-directed because no one is going
to micro-manage you. Everyone architects and designs their parts.

If you are interested please e-mail me your resume. If you have
questions, please e-mail me your questions. You are also welcome to
call me at 303-651-1000 x224.

thanks - dave thielen

It should be able to go without saying but unfortunately it is still
necessary. Male/Female/Undecided, White/Black/Yellow/ Orange it
doesn't matter. We do not discriminate for or against based on sex,
race, religion, or anything else that's irrelevant to your
qualifications for the job. We DO discriminate based on how well you
do your job.


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