Shiva Dial in from RedHat4.0 with SecurID

Shiva Dial in from RedHat4.0 with SecurID

Post by Micheal M. Kah » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

Alright in checking through some of the posts in dejanews, I know that this
subject has been discussed before, though I didn't see anybody trying to
use the secure-card features in Shiva.

I'm trying to dial into a Shiva LanRover.  I currently use pppd for my
online connection without a hitch.  Unfortunately the problem I'm having is
in the dynamic nature of the SecurID.  I need to be able to enter my card
number when the server attaches.

I've tryed using minicom, and I get the login screen just fine and can
enter my ID and password/pin without a hitch.  The problem comes when I
then try to activate pppd.

It's not giving me any errors that I can see, but it's dying immediately.

Has anybody gotten this to work?



1. Securid and Shiva

Has anyone successfully dialed into a system using a securid card
running shiva's authentication?  If so, I'd like to learn more about
your expect/send scripts.

Thanks for any assistance.

James Gardner

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