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i need help

i read that post...

and i  done my ipac.conf like wrote..

eth0 incoming|in|eth0|all||
eth0 outgoing|out|eth0|all||

eth1 incoming|in|eth1|all||
eth1 outgoing|out|eth1|all||

user1 incoming|in|eth1|all||!
user1 outgoing|out|eth1|all|!|

user2 incoming|in|eth0|all||!
user2 outgoing|out|eth0|all|!|

IP accounting summary
Host: forteca / Time created: 2002/09/27 02:40:11 CEST
Data from 2002/09/19 18:06:48 CEST to 2002/09/27 02:40:11 CEST
  eth0 incoming                                   :             46G
  eth0 outgoing                                   :             11G
  eth1 incoming                                   :             34G
  eth1 outgoing                                   :            183G
  user1 incoming                                  :            427M
  user1 outgoing                                  :            522M
  user2 incoming                                  :               0
  user2 outgoing                                  :               0

why user2 is not working ?
i have runing ipac version 1.10 and ipchains, i want to count triaffic
beetwen WAN<->user
any idea ???



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Gerardo Blanco

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