Problem with two forwarders

Problem with two forwarders

Post by Bastian Trompette » Tue, 15 Feb 2000 04:00:00


here is my situation:

We connect to the Internet with a Biaca router using the namerserver of
our ISP, and we connect to our Intranet via a satelit using our own
global nameserver.

We want to put our global nameserver as the first forwarder an than the
nameserver of the ISP.

Here is the configuration:


options {
        directory "/etc/named.d";
        forwarders {
                our global nameserver; ISP Nameserver


zone {
       global intranet zone entries;




hostresorder local bind
nameserver global Intarnet Nameserver
nameserver ISP Nameserver
search ...

Our Problem:

With this type of configuration we can resolve our own Intranet, but we
are unable to resolve any www-hosts. What is the problem?

Thanks for the help.

Pleas answer via mail.

B. Trompetter


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I'm inside a corporate lan, and I've just setup a bind9 "caching only"
dns server on my Debian Squeeze box and it works fine, just for my own

It forwards my box dns requests to's, instead of my corp dns
servers, with these lines in /etc/bind/named.conf.options:

        forward first;
        forwarders {
      ; # OpenDNS
      ; # OpenDNS

However, to resolve names internal to my corp's lan, I'd like to setup
two different forwarders, one for the internet (that is what I already
have now) and another one for my private lan when clients ask something
like as follows:

        forwarders {
      ; # mycorp dns1
      ; # mycorp dns2

How could this be accomplished?
Thanks in advance for answering.


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