FTP networking problem

1. ethernet, ftp, network problem

i finally got a ne2000 compatable network card to work with redhat 5.1.  i
can ping the linux pc from another pc and it responds perfectly.  the
problem is when i try to telnet or ftp to the linux pc it says 'Connected to' .  that's it. no login prompt.  after waiting for about 30
seconds i give up and press control-c and see a message '421 Service not
available, remote server has closed the connection'.  i have win95 and a sco
unix computer hooked up to it through an ethernet hub.  i don't see a
'binding with tcp/ip'. does linux do this automatically? do i HAVE to
compile a custom kernel?

my route is -     *    U    0    0    4    eth0    *    U 0    0    5    lo
default     shafer    UG    0    0    38    eth0

any ideas?
please reply by e-mail.


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