Evolution: Sometimes error connecting to IMAP or SMTP host

Evolution: Sometimes error connecting to IMAP or SMTP host

Post by Daniel B?hme » Sat, 25 Feb 2006 10:18:28

Hello NG,

I've just installed Evolution and after some time of configuring it
works fine. There's only one problem I cannot solve and which is not
reasonable for me.

My mail account connects every 10 minutes to the IMAP server to look for
new mails. I know that this is *not* forbidden by my provider. With POP3
this is, but for that reason I am using IMAP.

However, sometimes I get an error message from Evolution telling me that
it cannot connect to the host. This is the same behavior like the
network connection was down. But it is up and all other services run
properly. E.g. surfing the web with Firefox is no problem.

In addition I sometimes get errors while interacting with the server.
I've written only a few mails but I got such an error already several
times! It says that the connection broke down and includes one of two
different error names. There occur only these two errors. They are:

* Success.
* Bad file descriptor!

Both are very mysterious for me. I guess that the first is generated by
misimplemented protocol. It's just that the message is a bit annoying
and Thunderbird under Windows has never had such problems.

The other message is even more strange. I associate this word to errors
on the harddisk but that won't be the reason for failures while
interacting with a server, will it? Don't forget most times sending
messages is no problem. This one is also written with Evolution.

Yeah, all in all this is a bit strange. Maybe I should add that I am
using a WLAN but I don't draw any connection to this problem because the
signal quality is indicated with 92% (what ever this exactly means, just
the display of the WLAN monitor of Gnome Panel).

Grateful for any advice
Daniel B?hmer, Germany


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I have installed RedHat7.1 and have read the release notes and recent
postings. When I do a netstat -a I get:

tcp        0      0   host.domain.com:smtp                  *:*    LISTEN

I have uncommented the DAEMON OPTIONS in the sendmail.mc and rebuilt the
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the same netstat result:

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA') "
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=*, Name=MTA') "

There is nothing in the host.deny file. I added SENDMAIL:ALL to the
host.allow file as suggested by release notes. I have tried stopping
IPCHAINS services(even though the rules look good).

What do I have to do to get the following from netstat -a:

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Thanks in advance...David

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