IRC Connection Delay Problem

IRC Connection Delay Problem

Post by Seo Jae I » Fri, 13 Aug 2004 18:10:30

Hello, all.

I'm running ircd (ver. 2.10.3p.7) on my desktop.

Now, I can connect to my irc server and everything seems good,
except one promlem.

When I try to connect to my irc server, delay occurs about 20 secs.
I checked config.h and ircd.conf, but found nothing to help this problem.

Delay occurs after subscribing nick and id, exactly. (see below)

nick :myNick
user MyID 0 * :description about me

(... about 20 secs delay ... )

001 ***Welcome Message

Anybody have experienced same problem and, found some method ?
Thanks, in advance!


1. Can't keep my IRC connections stable with text-based IRC clients?


I replaced my old Netgear RT311 router last night with an old Linksys
BEFSX41 (latest firmware v1.52.15). However, I am having problems
keeping my IRC programs staying connected. After about every five
minutes, they get disconnected.

The router's firewall log had these lines:
2008-10-18 22:17:12 1586/TCP from [deleted IRC's IP address]:6667 to Invalid TCP packet received, dropping packet
Note: Changed to so I didn't have to
reconfigure the computers' IP addresses after swapping from an old
Netgear RT311 router.

 From what I can see online with Google searches, this is a known issue
since people seems to have this problem and no solution/fixes (even
after five years or so? Wow!).

I did notice a pattern. It seems like text based IRC clients (e.g.,
BitchX) and IRC bots (info and chat types) get disconnected after about
five minutes. With GUI clients (SeaMonkey, and Trillian Basic), I don't
get disconnected.

What's up with that and is there a way to fix this since I prefer text
based clients? Thank you in advance. :)
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