Can't telnet, ping from outside.

Can't telnet, ping from outside.

Post by S Leun » Sat, 17 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I'm using a DSL modem to connect to internet. The gateway machine is a
486 with 2 ethernet cards running RedHat6.

I can't ALWAYS ping nor telnet into my linux gateway. The interest part
however, is that I CAN ping (or telnet into) the gateway right after I
try to access the internet from the gateway. (ie pinging from my gateway.)

It seems that the modem sleeps after a short period of time and any
activity from my LAN to the outside world would wake it up. But it goes
back to sleep after 10 mins or so.

I suspect this is a problem with the setup coz I can always ping my
gateway when it runs win98. I don't remember having the same problem
before I upgraded from Redhat5.2.

Thanks for reading.



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I am presently using the latest release of Redhat-Mandrake 6.5. We
have in our office 3 PC's running Win98 and a PC set up with the above
Linux distribution. This PC will serve as our Web-server and other
required FTP and mailing tasks. In addition I have a 64K leased line
running into the office.

I have managed to successfully get the Win98 PC's configured to
recognise the router and is able to connect to the outside world,
including 'pinging' my ISP's name servers.

My problem is now with the Linux box. I believe that I have configured
everything as it should be. The Linux PC is able to find every PC on
the internal LAN, including the router, but when I try to 'ping' an
outside IP address, for example my ISP's name server(s), I get no

What have I done / configured incorrectly?

Any help / suggestions is most welcome.

Dickson Pock

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