slirp and load balancing over multiple modems

slirp and load balancing over multiple modems

Post by Broc Stirto » Sun, 03 May 1998 04:00:00

Hello all-
        I am trying to set up load balancing over multiple dial in modems to
our University server.  This is very doable with slirp on the server
side (AIX3.1(?)).  My question:
Must I also run slirp on the linux side (the side dialing in (not
permanantly connected to the internet))?  I know about EQL, but this
WON'T work in this case because both sides are not linux.  
        Has anyone doen this before? is it a simple matter to get the routing
set up right so packets are sent equally (or according to some nice
calculation based on relative speeds) to each modem?
                                                    Broc Stirton



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Ok, here's a brain teaser:

I would like to do load balancing with SLIRP but my two phone lines
are attatched to two different computers which are themselves
connected by ethernet.  Load balancing requires that one computer act
as the router.  Thats fine for one modem but how do I use the modem on
the other computer?  I was thinking of using "rlogin -8" to connect
to the other computer with the extra modem but then how do I turn that
connection into a network interface?  Can ptys be turned into network
interfaces with slattatch?

Thanx in advance,

         All creatures will make merry under penalty of death.

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