(Q) Setting up email over uucp

(Q) Setting up email over uucp

Post by Timothy Murp » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 01:39:30

I've compiled Taylor UUCP under Linux,
and it works perfectly for file transfer from my college system
(eg "uucp myfile tcdmath\!~").
[For some reason it is much faster at file transfer than kermit;
about 3.5kB/s with ZyXEL modems at each end.]

Now I am wondering how I can extend its use to email.
In particular, how would mail intended for my Linux box be addressed ?
And how would I address mail going out ?
[I have been given an IP address as birdnest.maths.tcd.ie .]

is automatically forwarded to my Linux box,

If so, what precisely should I ask to be done at the college end ?
(I dial in to the college machine --
there is no facility for dialling out.)

I studied the Linux Network Administrators Guide
and Ian Taylor's UUCP manual,
but didn't find either much use.
I know I probably should buy the O'Reilly book,
but am a little reluctant to do that,
as I am only interested in setting up the link,
and not in the internals of UUCP.

Incidentally, I posted a query a few days ago
about a problem I had in setting up uucp.
I didn't get any replies --
but I found the problem was in the default definition
of the LOCKFILE in Taylor uucp,
which is not what I take to be the normal LCK..tty*.
So mgetty+sendfax was not seeing the lock file,
and was interfering with uucp.

I must say I think Taylor's manual is pretty poor,
even by the very low standard of such documentation usually.
If he cut out half the verbiage and repetition,
and filled the space with examples instead,
it would be a good deal clearer.

And I'd have to add that I didn't find the Linux
Network Administrator's Guide much better in this area (uucp).
If only these people would learn
that 1 example is worth 10 pages of explanation !

Timothy Murphy  

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