Need tcpdump-like utility for PPP interface.

Need tcpdump-like utility for PPP interface.

Post by Niles E. Mill » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00


I would like to trace packets at the PPP interface.

I've played around with tcpdump and am unable to get it to watch
the ppp0 interface ("tcpdump: snoop: unknown physical layer type").

Yes, I know that I can bump the debug level (-d #) on the pppd
daemon and see all kinds of traffic, but I like the
filtering/expression capabilities of tcpdump.

Am I brain-dead [whoa! answered way too fast :) ], or is
there another utility that will do the job?  If not, I guess I'll
just use the pppd debug capability and run it through some sort
of filter.


Niles Mills


1. apache's TCPmon/tcpdump-like utility ...

 Is there anything out there like apache's TCPmon(itor) but written in C or
CPP (not Java)?
 or how customizable would the utility tcpdump be so that it works
 Basically, you would set a tcpdump-like utility to:
 1._ only listen to certain ports
 2._ only to certain protocols within these (1.) ports otherwise would not
forward the request and only log it as a protocol anomaly/probable security
issue, including the payload in those cases
 3._ for messages that have passed 1. and 2. only sniff the request headers
in and the response headers out
 Can you compile tcpdump with options to just do that so that the resulting
executable should be very small?
 it would be just a proxy sniffing the headers not the data payload.

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