linux IMAP ->NE2000->ncsa packet driver->PC_PINE???

linux IMAP ->NE2000->ncsa packet driver->PC_PINE???

Post by MMLDHayw » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 23:54:44

Appologies fro posting what is really a pine problem here, but no pine
people seem to have any ideas.    And this is vaguely related to linux

If you have had success using the ncsa packet driver and NE2000 NIC with
PC_PINE, please let me know.  I would appreciate seeing your pinerc file
and your wattcp.cfg or file, whichever you are using, as well
as an idea of the free conventional ram your running it under..  I have
not been able to get them to work together.  I suspect it cannot be done
and I'm going to have to find another NIC.  This is sad as we already own
several NE2000 type cards.

BTW --- on the same machine, all the same hardware, running linux, pine
works very well, going to the same IMAP server.  I wish I could stay in
linux.  But I'm trying to set up a system for about 20 DOS/Windows users
and I need a solution for that side.  Any suggestions would be

Don Hayward

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