Linux IPAC datafile format

Linux IPAC datafile format

Post by Juan Case » Fri, 13 Jul 2001 01:06:10

Hi -

We are currently using the Linux IPAC software to track bandwidth
useage by IP
address on our networks.  Ipac itself generates very simple images
from the data and what we would like to do is understand how the data
is stored in the
log files under /var/log/ip-acct so we can parse the data and
interpret it ourselves.  More specifically I need to understand the
format of the data files
linux ipac uses to store the accounting information.  This information
is not
available in any of the documentation I could find.   Does anyone know
where I
can find a description of the log file formats for linux ipac?

Juan Casero


Linux IPAC datafile format

Post by Klaus Deissne » Fri, 13 Jul 2001 01:57:50


you may consider using ipac-ng instead. It offers logging to gdb or
postgresql as alternative to a log file. You can find it under:

kind regards,



1. Help with ipac-1.10 - IP Accounting Software for Linux

I have been using ipac-1.10 for months now, and it works great. I installed
it on my Linux masquerading router and am getting reliable dl/ul statistics
for each box
attached to the router via my hub.

But the only problem I have is that I can't get ipac-1.10 to generate stats
the router itself. I can surf from the router and get mail etc, so it does
generate usage.
The rules are specified in the /etc/ipac.conf file, and are ok for every box
except the
router itself. I know I am doing something wrong in the ipac.conf file, but
can't work out what!

Can someone help me?

My Linux masquerading router has two network cards ( attached to my
local network via a hub, and attached to my ADSL modem). An
excerpt of my ipac.conf file follows (the router is called "webserver" in
the description field):

all incoming|in|ppp0|all||
all outgoing|out|ppp0|all||
webserver incoming|out|ppp0|all||   <--- PROBLEM CHILD 1
webserver outgoing|in|ppp0|all||     <--- PROBLEM CHILD 2
win2k incoming|out|eth0|all|!|
win2k outgoing|in|eth0|all||!
ditasari incoming|out|eth0|all|!|
ditasari outgoing|in|eth0|all||!
laptop incoming|out|eth0|all|!|
laptop outgoing|in|eth0|all||!
felafel incoming|in|ppp0|all||
felafel outgoing|out|ppp0|all||

The router is a Pentium I / Redhat 7 box.

I have scoured the newsgroups, ipac doco and ipac website, but to no avail.
Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Craig Jackson
Sydney Australia

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