Strange behaviour: NE-2000 driver and DE-220-T DLink ethernet card

Strange behaviour: NE-2000 driver and DE-220-T DLink ethernet card

Post by Hugh Stewar » Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am using the NE-2000 driver for a DLink DE-220-T ethernet card.  It
works, but only sometimes.  /sbin/route shows that the kernel is using
the routing table to direct outgoing packets to the eth0 interface, but
/sbin/ifconfig shows that the packets are NOT being transmitted through
the interface.

The funny part of this problem is:

Once my DHCP client daemon has configured the eth0 interface, and once I
have added the appropriate routes to the routing table, I start to ping
any host on my network or beyond my gateway machine and observe what I
described above.  HOWEVER, after anywhere between 5 minutes and half an
hour later, without me touching my machine, the packets spontaneously
begin to get through the eth0 interface and everything works fine!

Does anyone have any insight into this, or, since I suspect the problem
may be in an incompatibility with the driver and ethernet card, does
anyone have a driver known to work with the DLink DE-220-T card?



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I need help.
I am Linux-Newbie and run redhat 5.1 on 5 machines (building a linux
network in a high school :-)).
But the ethernet cards (Dlink DE-220 PCT, plug and play on m$ ) are not
detected by the redhat install.
The ethernet HOWTO says that those cards are supported (driver NE2000):
what now ?
Thanks for helping.

xavier coolen

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