Need Help with Virtual Hosting @ Linux @ apache

Need Help with Virtual Hosting @ Linux @ apache

Post by dcl.. » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00


New to linux and apache but managed with lots of help to get an ISP
going.  Actually it was set up pretty completely when we got it.
However we now want to do virtual hosting and so far have not been
able to get it going.  I have downloaded lots of notes and
instructions but  here is what I need.  

Is there anyone out there that is willing to set up our server for
virtual hosting?   If you know how, we are willing to pay.  

let us know how much you would charge and what system info you need
from us.



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Have been running 1.2b8 for a intranet and decided to move upto 1.3b2. I
have several name based virtual hosts that have been working under
1.2b8. After compiling and installing 1.3b2 my virtual hosts do not
work. In fact what happens is that even though DocumentRoot and default
server name is different, eg: pointing to /www/default,
Apache 1.3b2 will always take me to the first defined virtual host as if
it's locked to it no matter what virtual host I try to browse. What
gives? Please post and E-Mail.

In /etc/hosts for my machines IP address I have


In ../conf/httpd.conf I have;


DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/virtA
ErrorLog logs/virtA.error.log
TransferLog logs/virtA.access.log


DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/virtB
ErrorLog logs/virtB.error.log
TransferLog logs/virtB.access.log


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