Problems with the SMC 9432TX EtherPower II

Problems with the SMC 9432TX EtherPower II

Post by Abraham Stoug » Wed, 04 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I'm running Redhat 5.0 with the 2.0.32-2 kernel and have an smc 9432
etherpower..  I used the epic100.o module written by donald becker and
everthing seems to work fine, but when I ussue the command  "ifconfig
eth0 netmask up" to setup the card with my IP
it just repeatedly prints out the error:
eth0 : exiting existing interrupt, intr-status 0x248000 and the only way
to get it to quit is to reboot. I'm hoping someone knows what this error
means and how I might go about fixing the problem..
Muchos Gracis


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hi all,

excuse for my poor anglish :)

I have some problem with dual port card SMC9334BDT
I take a stange mac adress on one of two port in my cards.
and the card don't work.

I have try card on antother platform ( HP on Redhat 6.1.. this configuration
work fine !!!)

I have try some new tulip drivers but this changhe nothing.

I think the problem is perhaps on the DELL 2400.
Have you info , feedback or idea for resolve the problem ?

thx a lot


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