Sendmail masquerading

Sendmail masquerading

Post by Lars-G?ran Andersso » Sat, 03 Jan 2004 20:27:16

I wan't to mail outside my LAN - to the Internet!
But my ISP claims that my "From:" is not of an known domain. Of course
it isn't, it's my local domain.
And therefore I have tried to use the Sendmails "MASQURADE" functions.
Without any success.
I've done it like this:


Now I begin to believe that I totaly missunderstood the use of  
MASQUERADE. Is there any other solution that can work or have I to give
up sendmail.

I'm using tripwire and want it to report to an address outside my LAN.
Otherwise it's easy e.g. with Pine you can set the From-address to
whatever you like and then it work's. But in the case of tripwire I
don't know any other way.


Sendmail masquerading

Post by Buck Turgidso » Sun, 04 Jan 2004 03:49:11


> MASQURADE_DOMAIN(localhost.domain)

I find sendmail to be very difficult, but I managed to get my machine to
send outgoing mail just yesterday.  Do you need to include your email
account with "My_ISP_DOMAIN"?  That's what I did.

This is what I did

define(`SMART_HOST', `[]')


Then, create these 2 files:

/etc/mail$ cat genericstable

/etc/mail$ cat generics-domains


1. sendmail Masquerade

I'm having some trouble getting sendmail masquerading to work.

I've got a Linux box connected to an ISP using dynamically-allocated
IP numbers.  With pppd this seems to work very well.  Incoming email
gets downloaded with popclient; outgoing is sent with sendmail.

The problem: My ISP is; my Linux box is named 'harry'.  All

is not a valid domain, nor is it likely to become one.  Outgoing
email really needs to be from

I thought I had this solved when I read about sendmail masquerading.
I created an m4 file with the following entries:


...and created a new config file.  But outgoing email still claims
to be from

I get the feeling I've missed some obvious detail here.  Can this
be done with sendmail?  And if not, what should I be using for
outgoing email?


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