LAN for P5 Win 95 box, and AXP RH 4.0 Linux box

LAN for P5 Win 95 box, and AXP RH 4.0 Linux box

Post by Gavin L Web » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00


can anyone point me to some docs on networking
a Win 95 PC to a Linux box, I don't need the standard
LDP or HOWTOs, just a list of gotchas or a documented
example config.




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1. Linux Box and 95 Box, one static IP

In the near future, I will be running RedHat 5.0 on a Pentium system with
a static IP cable modem connection.  I want to know if it is possible to
network a Windows 95 box to it and be able to perform the following
goals.  Could I use applications that require an IP such as ICQ or DCC
connections with my IRC client using the Linux machine as a proxy server?  
If so, how would I go about doing that?  Would I have two separate
networks (linux to Internet / linux to 95) or would I just set all my
Internet apps on the 95 machine to use the Linux box as a proxy?  Please
pardon my vernacular; I have an idea what I need to do but haven't
acquired significant proficiency in the vocabulary.
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