Help me to setup Socks5

Help me to setup Socks5

Post by C.G.Gen » Fri, 07 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi, all.

We have about 20 PCs in my lab, but only few
of them can access the internet.
I want to setup a proxy in my lab. I wish all
the PCs in my lab can access the internet.

I install a Slackware 3.2, and I am now try to
install the SOCKS5.

But according to the price of our net center.
I have to set some restrictions.

First, I wish no one else without permission can
access the proxy.

Second, the user of the proxy can only access
some of the Internet IPs, for instance:
The following IPs are free to be accessed, I wish
the users of the proxy can only access the following
CERNET IP blocks:          1B          1B           32C           64C           64C          8B          2B         16B          16B
can anyone tell me how to write the socks5.conf or
something else to realize it?

Thanks in advance.


1. Help needed with SOCKS5 setup


I'm a bit of a linux newbie and I'm trying to setup a SOCKS5 server between an ethernet
card and a PPP interface.  The Linux box is using PPPD.

I have been trawling about looking for info of how to do this but all of the examples seem
to cover the "easy case" of two ethernet cards with fixed IP addresses.

Could someone please email me a sample SOCKS5.CONF for this case where the PPP
interfaces IP address is dynamically assigned by the ISP.  Alternatively, could someone
please point me at an appropriate FAQ.


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