Card ok - but no connection

Card ok - but no connection

Post by Hagen Fuhrman » Thu, 16 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I need some help for setting up my network card in Linux. I am running SuSe
Linux 6. My FNC-0108TX card from Level-One is supported by the operating
system, and I do net get any error message. But I am not able to communicate
with any other computer.

The hardware is ok, because the card works fine under Windows 98. I did not
have any problems using my old NE2000 compatible card under both Linux and

What can I look for to find the reason?

Thanks Hagen.


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Let me preface with:

I have read the HOW-TO's,
I have read the TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION for Network Setup,
I have read Linus Installation and Getting Started by Matt Walsh (A great beginners guide)
I have read Running Linux from O'Reilly & Associates
I can do it all in Windows and DOS
I haven't slept in 2 days

I really and truly have tried to solve my Linux problem without anyones help, but I am
now at wits end. PLEASE HELP  

Here is what works:
My DIP script into my local service provider returns an IP address
ifconfig shows everything OK
netstat -rn shows my gateway address as proper
modem speed set properly
Everything looks and feels OK
The modem lights flash when I send (and am being sent) email

Here is what doesn't work:
PING into my service provider looks as though it is going out but has 100% errors
It just doesn't seem to what to communicate correctly.

I am at a loss? Anyone experience this problem ?

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