Redhat 5.1 - default setup - hacked?

Redhat 5.1 - default setup - hacked?

Post by SnowFox » Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I set up a Redhat 5.1 box as an experiment, intending to operate it
alongside my FreeBSD box. I haven't done much with it beyond some
performance testing. It doesn't carry any software other than the packages
provided with Redhat 5.1. I've never had a successful hack attempt with any
version of FreeBSD, however after being up a few days, this shows in
"laston -a -d" on the Redhat box.

cigna    ttyp1        Sun Nov 15 11:50 - 11:56  (00:05)

User "cigna" was not created by me, and doesn't show up in my password file.
The password file does however, carry a suspicious modification date.
Additionally, the message log shows the following:

(Note that is not one of my machines, and
is not the IP of, so I suspect that I'm being delivered
forged name service responses. I would hope that named is intelligent enough
to discard these?)

Nov 15 10:56:25 green named[294]: ns_resp: query(
contains our address (NS1.NEWTOY.COM:
Nov 15 10:57:08 green identd[3007]: from:
( ) for: 4233, 8888
Nov 15 10:57:08 green identd[3007]: Successful lookup: 4233 , 8888 :
Nov 15 11:19:37 green named[294]: ns_forw: query( contains
our address (NS1.NEWTOY.COM:
Nov 15 11:40:30 green identd[3086]: Successful lookup: 5182 , 23 :
Nov 15 11:48:07 green kernel: Appletalk 0.17 for Linux NET3.035
Nov 15 11:50:32 green PAM_pwdb[3104]: (login) session opened for user cigna
by (uid=0)
Nov 15 11:50:32 green login[3104]: LOGIN ON ttyp1 BY cigna FROM

I'd appreciate any suggestions or explanations as to exactly what this


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