HELP: Seeing nothing!!!!

HELP: Seeing nothing!!!!

Post by Sander Do » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hello out there!!!!

Could someone enlighten me.....

This is my unsolved mystery:
first PC:
IMB P133+ with DEC DE205 ethercard.
OS: Linux Slackware 2.0.12
at boot: kernel detects card perfectly
ping loopback: OK
ping own IP-adr. ( OK
ping other PC: NOTHING

Other PC:
486sx with Linux Slackware 2.0.0
netcard: DEC DE100
kernel detects netcard at boot, no errors
Ping loopback: OK
Ping own IP ( OK
Ping other PC: Nothing!

Both are BNC cards.
Both are connected AND terminated
I already tried another cable

If i do a ifconfig, everything looks just normal, same network adress,
same broadcast adress, diff. IP adress, same netmask

And all i did is follow the Howto & Faq's!!!


Please provide me with usefull tips!!!


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