access isp hardware directly using ppp in linux

1. Accessing hardware directly?

I've spent the last hour reading and searching for anything about
accessing hardware directly, and come up blank. Two other people
asking similar questions but no answers. Surely someone has done it?

I have a piece of hardware which is not supported under unix, but I
have some C code I wrote years back to address it under MS-DOS and
Borland C++. All I need to do is to read and write to the correct IO
addresses, set a few registers etc. Trivial - can even do it in BASIC
if it came to that (except BASIC is too limiting for other parts).

The machine in question is mine, and I have root access. I really
don't want to recompile the kernel if I can avoid it, but if I need to
then I guess I'll have to!

Is there a guide to this somewhere, and if so, where?

It seems stupid to have a MS-DOS box sitting here to do such a trivial
task when Unix can do it better, faster and more reliably.

For the record, it's FreeBSD or BSDI (I run both)

Thanks in advance...


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