icmpinfo message - What does it mean?

icmpinfo message - What does it mean?

Post by Barry Kin » Tue, 03 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I have a Linux box connected to the net via a cable modem.  Lately I have
been receiving a ICMP_RouterAdvert message in my system logs from icmpinfo.
 The message repeats very frequently, sometimes several within a few
seconds,  and takes up a lot of space in my system log files.  It is
annoying me to no end.  ;)  I checked the ICMP RFC (1327??  can't recall
now) and it seems clear to me that this behavior violates the RFC.

The jabbering router (or whatever it is) just started this a few weeks ago.
 The machine is a client on my cable modem ISP network.  I called the ISP
reluctantly (didn't want to get anyone in trouble) just to see what the
scoop was.  They apparently looked into and said my bandwidth shouldn't be
affected, but I still find this annoying and would like it to stop.

Does anyone have any insight as to what may be causing this, if this is
expected behavior and what I might do about it?  If I have to just live
with it, I guess I can, but I'd at  least like to understand the ins and
outs of what is occurring here.




1. ANNOUNCE: IcmpInfo vers 1.11 (Icmp messages analyser)

I just released IcmpInfo version 1.11,
It is a small tool that monitors and decode Icmp messages,
It can helps debugging of some networking problems (like bad
connections, nuke / bombs detection,...)

More infos http://hplyot.obspm.fr/~dl/icmpinfo.html
or fetch it via anonymous ftp on

Icmpinfo compiles and works fine also on Linux, Hpux, Sunos and
Solaris, Aix, Free/NetBSD,... [should work on any Unix boxes in fact]

Version 1.10 was out since Aug 94 and quite widely used, with zero bug
reports. This one is small update

Changes file extract :
1.11- Fixed icmpinfo url in documentation, added new mirror in Readme
      Added new icmp unreach subtypes
      Improved icmp out of range (new ones) display

<A HREF="http://hplyot.obspm.fr/~dl/">Laurent Demailly</A>

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