Problem with nfs mount with multi-homed Server

Problem with nfs mount with multi-homed Server

Post by Klaus Steinberg » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I do have the following problem with NFS mount:

I do have a multi-homed Server, which has two network connections
to a router box, one with Ethernet (subnet 129.187.160), the other
with FDDI (subnet 129.187.41). A linux box, which is located behind
the router in subnet 129.187.180 tries to mount a filesystem from
my server. Now it could happen (depending on the actual routing),
that I get the responses from the NFS Server from a different interface,
as the request was sent to. E.g. mount tries to access the interface
in the .41 subnet, but due to the routing, the response comes back
from the .160 interface. It seems that the NFS code in the kernel does
not accept the packets from the other source address, so that the
request does hang.

On the linux box I run the 1.2.11 kernel.

Has anybody the same problem, and probably a solution?
Is this problem addressed in the 1.3.x kernels?


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